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About us


In 2015 Flexiramics® products were invented by Gerard Cadafalch and Eurekite® incorporated as a company to develop and commercialize these revolutionary technology and products. Eurekite® has developed first a lab-scale production process and more recently an innovative high productivity production process which has been installed for the first time in early 2021 in Enschede.  This new line allows for higher productivity, very high quality and consistency necessary to develop and commercialize best in class Flexiramics® products.

Our purpose is to be a world class company to safely and sustainably design, develop and commercialize, large scale, customized novel products from our unique Flexiramics® technology, such as mat, fibers, particles etc. to solve material challenges.

We work closely in cooperation with our customers to make sure we co-develop products designed to create maximum value for our customers.