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Working on cutting edge technologies is exciting. We are creating the future by experimenting and developing the materials for years to come. The commercial possibilities are numerous, once our inventions have found their markets. Until that moment, we rely on investors who believe in us. They fund our company and we thank them for their trust and enthusiasm.

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“Ceramics are one of the highest performing materials for high temperature applications; however, its applications are limited by its brittle nature. The ability to create ceramics as a flexible material opens up new and significant markets. We have strong belief in this very unique advanced material invention. We are excited to support Eurekite in developing these applications & markets and make it a well-known global player.”

— Alain le Loux MSc MBA – General Partner @ Cottonwood Technology Fund



This round will enable Eurekite to expand its production capacity and conquer the world with new, groundbreaking equipment. As a spin-off from the University of Twente’s MESA+ institute, Eurekite has proven to be able to impart unique patented properties to ceramic material. Eurekite can rightly be called a new pearl from Twente.



Eurekite’s material has great potential and Demcon has the expertise in advanced manufacturing, thin-film technology and material handling required to bring their production to industrial scale. They present a very convincing track record for Flexiramics as an absolute novelty that can grow into a new industrial base material with a wide range of applications. We are excited to support Eurekite as a technology partner and this will even further intensify our collaboration.



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Flexiramics® is revolutionary technology that allows the creation of products that have the unique and novel characteristics of being pure ceramic and flexible. Flexiramics technology results in production of innovative ceramic based products, customized to specific applications, as Flexiramics Electronics®, Flexiramics Filtration®, Flexiramics Battery® etc.