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What it does

Novel characteristics of being pure ceramic and flexible

Flexiramics® is revolutionary technology that allows the creation of products that have the unique and novel characteristics of being pure ceramic and flexible. Flexiramics technology results in production of innovative ceramic based products, customized to specific applications, as Flexiramics Electronics®, Flexiramics Filtration®, Flexiramics Battery® etc.


Unique material for many fields

All Flexiramics® products have the unique and novel characteristics of being pure ceramic and being flexible at the same time. The level of flexibility, density, the ceramic composition and the geometry of the material are just some of the parameters that can be customized based on our client’s needs. Flexiramics® products can be used in aerospace, batteries, electronics, filtration and many more fields.

The many benefits of Flexiramics®

Flexiramics® products improve thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion, micro- filtration in harsh environment, safety at high temperature and in presence of fires, Li conductivity, haptics and many more properties in the final applications.

what it does

Flexiramics: what it does


Thermal management of electronics

Our Flexiramics Electronics® composites seek combining the best of the two worlds: the flexibility of polymer with the good thermal management of ceramics.

Electronic devices release heat and do not work well when they get hot. For instance, when watching a long video on a smart phone, you will notice that it will get hot and the battery will drain very fast.

Electronic components, especially chips, both release heat and do not like heat. In order to work properly, they need to dissipate heat. Current advancements in miniaturization make the problem even worse, as there are many heat sources closer together.

The best substrates for dissipating heat are ceramic. However, ceramic substrates are not flexible, thus limiting the possibilities for miniaturization. Flexible PCBs, which are highly used in commercial electronics (smartphones, laptops, etc.) do not dissipate heat well.


Safer, lighter, more efficient batteries

Batteries is a market experiencing both high growth rates and high degree of innovation. Flexiramics Battery® is a family of products that improve current and next generations Li-ion batteries (LiB).

Flexiramics Battery® Separators, which remain integral at temperature as high as 1000oC, will make sure that the electrodes remain separated even in high temperature conditions. Both higher temperature and delayed thermal runaway of conventional Li-ion batteries has been demonstrated in pouch cell. Additionally in Li-S next gen batteries, Flexiramics Battery® Separators can help reducing undesired effects in Li-S batteries which are common causes for the reduction in efficiency and lifetime of the Li-S batteries.

Flexiramics Battery® Li-conducting fibers enhance the efficiency of Li ion transfer in solid electrolytes. This is a fundamental contribution needed to achieve higher efficiency of Solid State Batteries (SSB). Flexiramics Battery® enables collector-less batteries that can reduce the weight of batteries up to 20%


Industrial filtration

Flexiramics Filtration® family of products provide the unique ability to:

  • Remove microparticles;
  • Reach High fluxes at low pressure drops;
  • Filter in extreme environments, such as high temperature.

Current solutions can only tackle two of the three points above. The best solutions for high temperatures are sintered metal media, which are extremely expensive and do not offer high fluxes for filtering microparticles. This forces users to cool down streams prior to filtering, which can foul or damage equipment.


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