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What it is

Flexiramics® is revolutionary technology that allows the creation of products that have the unique and novel characteristics of being pure ceramic and flexible.


What it does

Flexiramics® Products provide solutions to your toughest problems.


About us

Our purpose is to be a world class company to safely and sustainably design, develop and commercialize, large scale, customized novel products from our unique Flexiramics® technology.



We work closely in cooperation with our customers to make sure we co-develop products designed to create maximum value for our customers.

Following the relocation in the new facilities and the delivery of the spinning unit, the first sample of Flexiramics® Electronics was successfully spun with the new spinning head. This is a key component of the market development line enabling much higher productivity rates. The deployment of the line will follow 2 phases, the first one completing by year end, and the 2nd one completing during Q2 2022 to deliver a line with nominal capacity of ca. 180,000 m2/yr and capable to reproducibly manufacture high quality products for all the key applications of our customers.


Contact us if you want to discuss how Flexiramics® can be useful for you.

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